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Welcome to the Gundam Wing Character Shrine Index. Here you will find many sites devoted to your favourite Gundam Pilots, OZ members, or other random charatcers from one of the greatest animes ever made! We even have couple shrines for you passionate fanfiction writers out there! There is only one thing you will never find at the GW Index: Yaoi. There will never be a Yaoi site on the Shrine Index to my knowledge. If one happens to sneak on to this wonderful site, please email me! You can also email me with your own shrines! Just send me an email titled GWINDEX and include the URL for your site, the name of your site, who it's dedicated to, and a brief description of it. Wait a few days, and it should be up!

If you email me, make SURE you put GWINDEX in the subject line or it WILL BE DELETED! I'm not one to use caps, but that was important. But anyway, until next time, my faithful fans. Have fun, send me your shrines, and don't forget to vote for me! / /_^\\//

02.04.03: Thanks to you, my fans, the Gundam Wing Character Shrine Index is #13 in the world! Thanks for your votes and keep voting! See that litle button with the doofus making a peace sign? Click it. He'll give you candy or something. Not really. But it will make my site better and more popular. Which means more people see this site and more people send me shrines and more people are happy because they can find anything they want just by looking right here!
...Ever notice how there are only three Trowa shrines here...? / /_ ;...

02.05.03: PLEASE USE THE URL WHEN ACCESSING THIS SITE. Otherwise I'll lose the URL rights... / /_ ;

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